New Media Lab, by Pia Myrvold norsk
Opening 24. May 2007

Phase 1.

Dada Memory

I have used the idea of Dada Memory in many of my art projects since 1997.
I translate Dada Memory as “the memory of the unknown possibilities”.

Dada was originally an art movement created in the beginning of the 20th century, about 100 years ago now. In the Dada approach to art, spontaneity and play were important.
In that same period, that we now call the beginning of Modernism, there was also The Futurist movement. They were fascinated with wheels, both in cars and new machines for transport, but also in the engines, the wheels inside the machines. These artists had the vision that machines would help liberate people to be more humane and more creative.

In my Dada Memory projects, I am synthesizing the ideas of both the Dadaist and the Futurist by playing with machine wheels. I have created colour wheels, inspired by the Futurist Sonja and Robert Delaunay’s paintings and added playful interactions so that you can click on them, and something happens, a sound, an image, a film or a new wheel so you can enter new layers of information.

What can you do In New Media Lab?

The Dada Memory image lab

There is a randomised animation, that we call “spin cycle”, where you can click on the screen and the image will freeze. When you click again, it will animate again. If you freeze an instant that you find attractive, you can print it out, and hang it on the wall, or make objects from it.
Each image is totally unique and unrepeatable because of the random factor and you will never have 2 prints the same.

The dada memory “spin cycle” is created by web artist Philip Wood.
He has been producing art for the internet for 20 years, exploring the infinite variations that the computer can generate with randomised animations….

How can I make a paper plane in New Media Lab?
How can I make a CD cover in New Media Lab?

The Dada Memory design lab

There is a girl and a boy in the design studio, in a selection of colours with lots of different shoes, masks and hair styles. You can select patterned clothes from the drag and drop dada memory palette, and create personalised combinations. You can then print out and make as many dolls as you like.

How can I design a paper doll in New Media Lab?

The Dada Memory music loop lab

Here you can play a composition with 6 sound loops, and watch the wheels spin.

The Dada Memory sound loop lab

Here are 28 sounds, that I put together with my daughter Isa, if you click on a circle it will play until you undo it by clicking on it again.

New Media Lab Phase 2

In November 2007 there will be the opening of next phase.
I will be working from the inspiration of a painter who lived in Stavanger, Norway in the 19th century, who has become very famous and is now considered to have been a genius. His name is Lars Hertervig.

The Artist's intentions with New Media Lab